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Summary A SpringFramework Plugin for jEdit
Categories libraries, design, deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) townsfolk


The SpringFramework is a very popular and fresh framework that has many great features. This plugin will not only provide a way to include Springs libraries into jEdit, but also provide jEdit with basic integration with Spring. This project was created because Spring provides a very easy way to get your program beans created and initialized using XML configuration files. With Springs Inversion of Control (IOC) you can initialize your program objects/ classes through XML and have them injected into other objects/classes where they are needed.


  • To create a new jEdit plugin that provides features and functionality related to the Spring framework allowing users and other plugins, the ability to create and initialize JavaBeans through Spring.
  • To provide an alternative method of initializing plugins.
  • To include the Spring libraries for use with other plugins.


  • A list of loaded context files that users or plugins can add to at run time.
  • Functionality to reload the Spring application context at run time.
  • An API that will allow new plugins to be initialized via Spring.
  • A BeanShell variable for better BeanShell integration.


This project will be built completely as a jEdit plugin without the intention of extending it to become a standalone application.

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